Who We Are?

We are four global individuals passionate about climate change solutions. Through our experiences, we’ve observed that there is a disconnect between people living in urban areas and growing their own food. This problem can be attributed to a lack of access to green space and money, and a knowledge gap when it comes to Indigenous gardening practices.

A simple act that can affect climate change efforts is to plant a food forest. A food forest is made up of 7 layers of plants that grows edible vegetables and fruits that mimics a natural forest. On this website, we are creating an accessible space to form a community to learn about food forests and connect with likeminded people in their local areas. We want to educate people on the impact of food forests, how they can go about making one in their community, and how this ties into Indigenous practices and perspectives.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at foodforestforall@gmail.com.